Monday, January 31, 2011

The Meandering Trail's Calabogie Adventure

Rhiannon and Hannah enjoying the day at The Calabogie Ski Resort.
This past Saturday, Rhiannon, Hannah and I headed out to The Calabogie Ski Resort for a day of skiing, snowboarding, tubing and perhaps a little snowshoeing. The weather called for mild temperatures(-8) and clear sunny skies. We lucked out as the weather forcast was infact correct and we enjoyed a great day on the slopes and snow. I took my first ski lesson ever on the bunny hill(although I did ski a few times in highschool) while Rhiannon tried out snowboarding for her first time. Hannah opted out of snowboarding and practiced her skiing skills until it was time for Rhiannon to join her on the big hills on the board. I stayed on the bunny hill for the morning and was quite skilled with my turns by lunch time. I opted out of upgrading to a full day ticket as my knee was beginning to bug me and instead decided to strap on my snowshoes for a short and easy run around the resort(see video). The girls had a great time on the hills and Rhiannon did really well for her first time on the board(see video).

A video of Rhiannon's first snowboard run.

Calabogie Lake
A video of The Calabogie Beach Resort.


Derrick said...

Good stuff Rhiannon!

Lake crossings can sometimes look a little scary.

EJ said...

Rhiannon has alot more courage then her Mom does.