Saturday, September 17, 2011

Birds, Boats and Butts

I sought out this image today. The last time I was in this park I saw the ducks sitting on this very log and thought it would be nice to sketch. I had noticed a heron also however the heron did not make an appearance today and instead a cormorant and a seagull found an empty spot amongst the ducks.

As I sat in the grass along the waters edge fumbling with my pencil and paper I noticed two people, one with an orange garbage bag and the other with a clipboard making their way along the shoreline in my direction. The older gentleman was foraging through the brush, announcing his discovery to the lady behind him and putting whatever he had found in his bag. The lady then appeared to jot down his discovery on her clipboard. It turned out that they were part of a study to see what kind of garbage was making it's way into the city parks. To their and my surprise the number one piece of garbage they were coming across was cigarette butts. It turns out that cigarette butts are not bio-degradable and can survive outside for 2 to 10 years. I really never knew that cigarette butts hang around that long in the environment. It boggled my mind to think of how many smokers there are and how many cigarettes they smoke daily and how every butt they throw away stays where it lands for up to 10 years unless someone else sweeps it up, picks it up or eats it up (which I am sure a few ducks have done). Since I don't smoke I never considered how people disposed of their butts or how getting rid of the end of a smoking hot stick must be difficult especially if there is no place to safely put it out.

I think I will discuss this further with my smoking friends and relatives to see where they stand on the subject. Do they know their butts are not bio-degrading and may be the number one piece of garbage along our shorelines and in our parks today? I have a feeling that most don't and think they will change their habits if given the chance.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Where is it? & Heron Cam Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out The 24 hr. Heron channel thanks to The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. I just saw a Mom(Dad?) feed the young bird in the nest. I always wondered how long the young were left alone during the day as I see Mr. and Mrs. Heron on the the lake from sunrise to sunset. Nice to know that someone checks in during the day to deliver a tasty and healthy lunch. Ok back to my show.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let's Play Ball

Brady is our 8 month old poodle mix puppy. He loves to play ball inside and outside all day long. When he gets tired he still likes to play what I call "Couch Ball". I videotaped a game we played today.

Bath Time!
Looks like they both had a bath; )
Best Friends!

Rhiannon asking Brady to "Come" using the hand command.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Stepping Stones

The stepping stones she took no note of,
There to carry her across the river to the other side,
She gave them no thanks for the service they provided,
And so went her life.

Leaving behind those that serviced her journey,
Never tending to them or looking back to enquire,
And when she found her path had led her nowhere,
Turned around to find it overgrown, impassable.
-EJ Murphy
(a reminder to myself)

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Meandering Trail's Calabogie Adventure

Rhiannon and Hannah enjoying the day at The Calabogie Ski Resort.
This past Saturday, Rhiannon, Hannah and I headed out to The Calabogie Ski Resort for a day of skiing, snowboarding, tubing and perhaps a little snowshoeing. The weather called for mild temperatures(-8) and clear sunny skies. We lucked out as the weather forcast was infact correct and we enjoyed a great day on the slopes and snow. I took my first ski lesson ever on the bunny hill(although I did ski a few times in highschool) while Rhiannon tried out snowboarding for her first time. Hannah opted out of snowboarding and practiced her skiing skills until it was time for Rhiannon to join her on the big hills on the board. I stayed on the bunny hill for the morning and was quite skilled with my turns by lunch time. I opted out of upgrading to a full day ticket as my knee was beginning to bug me and instead decided to strap on my snowshoes for a short and easy run around the resort(see video). The girls had a great time on the hills and Rhiannon did really well for her first time on the board(see video).

A video of Rhiannon's first snowboard run.

Calabogie Lake
A video of The Calabogie Beach Resort.