Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mr. Beaver moves to Sydenham Lake

I went looking for Mr. Heron the other day at his favorite log and fishing spot and instead I saw a bewildering sight. At first I thought it was a bunch of wood and twigs that had been caught up on a fallen log but when I looked a little closer at the dome like structure there was no denying that it could be nothing other then a beaver's lodge. "Where did that come from", I thought to myself. I had seen sight of what appeared to be a beaver in the pond not far from this part of the lake but I had decided it must be an otter. Yes there are beavers about 8kms down the trail in the creeks that run off into the lake but I have never seen one this close to the village. Mr. Beaver has decided to move to perhaps the busiest part of the entire lake. Directly in front of his lodge is the Sydenham Canoe and Kayak Club which will be bustling all summer with kids at camp and then not far from there is one of only two public boat launches. I am not sure that Mrs. Beaver will want to raise her family in such a hectic area. I think Mr. and Mrs. Beaver will be kicking themselves for moving here instead of investing in a lovely piece of swamp land down the trail a ways. Time will tell.