Friday, February 12, 2010

Yarker Herons...NOT SMART!!

At first sight I could not understand why The Yarker Herons would choose to nest in the trees located next to a beaver's lodge. Beavers eat trees don't they? Scattered stumps surrounding the trees was surely proof that The Yarker Beavers were eating The Yarker Herons out of house and home quite literally, wasn't it? Hence, I concluded that Yarker Herons are SOOOO NOT SMART! To prove my hypothesis I decide to do some further research and quickly came to realize that herons often choose to nest in the dead trees caused by beaver dam flooding. Apparently beavers are not interested in the flooded trees and the herons are happy to move right in to begin gathering sticks to build their nests. A theory set forth by Yarkerite Sara (Hunnybuns) Montgomery hypothesizes that perhaps The Yarker Herons use the beaver's sticks, now stripped of bark to build their nests. Now if this were true I could be persuaded to conclude that The Yarker Herons are indeed inherently SMART. Unfortunately with no supporting data or anecdotal evidence of such a collaboration between the two species I have decided to make this comic poking fun at The Yarker Herons lack of SMARTNESS if only to amuse myself and to quite possibly bug the heck out of Hunnybuns: )
Thanks for the pictures of the nests Sara.


Derrick said...

Guess it's a 'chicken or egg' vs. 'heron or beaver' situation. For the record, I vote for the smart Yarker Herons too!

Sara said...

Hmmmm, must find evidence!!


EJ said...

You Yarkerites(?) sure stick together.

Yes I must have conclusive evidence.

Hunnybuns? I borrowed URGals nickname for you. No good? I thought it might catch on.