Monday, December 7, 2009

Frosty The Snowfort?

It snowed today in Sydenham, Ontario. Lot's of the white fluffy stuff that so many have been waiting for. I won't have much time to enjoy the snow as I will be heading south to Florida on Friday. I will be back in mid January to enjoy another season of snowshoing and I promised myself last year that I would get out on Sydenham Lake this year for a bit of meandering. Enjoy the snow and I hope you all have fun building your "Frostys".


Sara said...

EJ, how you doing? Work has been nuts and I'm catching up on my blogs. Love the cartoons!

I'm reading a bunch of short stories by Lydia Davis...have you heard of her? I think you'd like her style.

EJ said...

I will have to check Lydia out at "Borders"(US Chapters). The snow definitly inspired my latest comics however the morning sun here in Florida is inspiring me to get over this horrible head cold.