Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Double Rainbows in Sydenham

There were Double Full Arc Rainbows in Sydenham on Sunday, Aug. 31st. Unfortunately the 2 arcs were so big that I was unable to get a picture of them in one still. The second arc had also faded by the time I got home and retrieved my camera. I was able to get a few pics from my front yard but by the time I reached the lake only one arc remained. I was humbled by the rainbows beauty and by my amateur efforts to capture it on film(memory card). The lower rainbow was very vibrant in color with the second top arc being more muted perhaps by the cloud cover. Below are the results of my efforts. The whole town was talking about the two rainbow's the next day.

Footnote: there were two teenage girls lost in Frontenac Park at the time of the double rainbows. Perhaps somehow the rainbows led their searchers to them although Derrick says he did not see the rainbows.


Sara said...

I love in the last photo how it is reflected in the lake, and has that chunk of open sky. Very pretty.

Interesting about the timing.

EJ said...

Thanks. Ugly telephone poles seem to ruin so many of my pictures.

Derrick said...

Interesting how the one side of the rainbow ends over the Sydenham Beer Store;)

EJ said...

Edited Version-
I went into the Beer Store once...for Dave. A harrowing experience. I bought the wrong thing of course. 6 packs, 24's, bottles, cans, I was so confused. Now I know how he feels when I send him for ladies products;)