Friday, June 5, 2009

Heron Mates

This was the first time in a month that I had seen Mr. and Mrs. Heron together. Lately I had only seen Mr. Heron fishing alone in his various favorite spots(wading in the pond, balanced on a log in the lake, at the foot of the waterfalls and on a dock). Truth is I was beginning to get worried about Mrs. Heron so I was excited and relieved when the mates flew passed me and circled the lower end of the lake near the Point where this picture was taken. They then flew back towards the middle of the lake and separated with each of them landing on docks directly across the lake from one another. Their amazing wing span carried them this entire distance in what seemed to be less then a minutes time.
Oh would you go meandering...
Upon this trail beside this lake
To awe at the inspiring sight
Of Heron mates in boundless flight?

Oh would you go meandering...
Oh would you go meandering...
Meandering with me?
Excerpt from my poem "The Meandering Trail"

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