Thursday, June 11, 2009

Monet Heron

These are my first and favorite photos of Mr. Heron. I had just spent my early morning taking pictures of the sunrise and was meandering home at 6:00 am when I realized I was about to pass the pond where Mr. Heron sometimes fishes. I decided to turn my camera back on just in case I lucked into seeing him. With that thought Mr. Heron flew up from the cattails along the edge of the pond where I was walking. I had obviously startled him as he had me and I began to furiously snap away without thought or time to focus or even aim. The blurring action of my unsteady hand together with the early days light and the lilly pond setting all brought to mind a painting Monet may have painted if by chance he had happened upon this pond that day instead of me.


Sara said...

Those are beautiful!

EJ said...

Thanks Sara,
BTW, are you artistic at all like your family members? Painting or drawing? How about singing also?